The Octagon of “Letting go”

Everest Hamptons+Multi+Stripe+-+Black+Contemporary+Octagon+Rug

We have all been through stuff – relationships and situations – that left behind a host of residual feelings, often negative, that contributed heaviness and unpleasantness to  life. Often we tend to hold on to these negative residual feelings, as if they were the legitimate currency of  an oil rich state. We hold on to these feelings as an act of rebellion, regret, sadness, anger or grief. We are often advised to ‘Let go’. We often hear that ‘Letting go’ is the key to moving on in life. We are nudged towards ‘Letting go’ as it is subjectively understood by the nudger. It’s all good and dandy. But…the point to note is that the ‘Letting Go’ that is being talked about, is a process that happens to each individual in a unique way. Some of us rationalize a situation….some talk things through and then talk some more. And some of us allow our emotions to lead the way and find ourselves feeling light enough to move on. There are a million different ways that individuals have used to ‘Let go’ and ‘Move on’.

I work with clients – help them ease the pain and ‘Let go’. I have developed processes and methods that suit the individual who is sitting across me and is hoping to find some relief from the inner turmoil. I am not going to talk about the process here, instead I would like to share my view of what Letting go actually means.  Here, I illustrate not *How to* (Let go) but *What is*  (Letting go).

Here is my Octagon of letting Go.

Letting Go is:

  • The Realization  – that you do not want to be weighed down by an old hurt anymore.
  • The Knowing – that it’s time to move on.
  • The Choice – to invite freedom and ease, in your own life by letting go of pain.
  • The Awareness – that you do not want to carry the burden of anger, sadness or grief, any more
  • The Decision  – to free the space in your heart, soul and mind that has been occupied by unforgiving anger and recurring pain, for a very long time
  • The Release – of the toxicity of  anger, pain, sadness and grief – letting them melt away in the warmth of freedom.
  • The Forgiveness –wishing well that person or situation, that had caused you that excruciating pain.
  • The Gratitude – you experience when you realize that a precious learning would have gone amiss if that pain and anger had not come your way.

Author – Rachna

Wishing you a fabulous day ahead…filled with an abundance of Love & Peace


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