Soulmate – with a twist !


There are some amongst us who wait eternally to meet that ONE person who just might turn out to be their Soulmate. They spend a huge chunk of their lives feeling alone and empty because they believe that the one person who is destined to be their soulmate is out there somewhere…out of their reach…hidden in some nook-and cranny of this vast universe. At a base level we all desire to feel fulfilled in our fusion with another. A lot of us tend to believe that the person who we feel fulfilled with or WILL feel fulfilled with, is our soul mate. But until then many of us choose to go through life feeling empty and alone.

Well, this huge empty chunk need not be so empty once we understand the term soul mate in a slightly different manner. Understanding it in a new way, would lead to a change in our perception and we might begin to see a soul mate as what he/she truly is.

I think, a soulmate or a mate to our soul is someone who understands us completely. This person accepts us as we are – with our halo and our horns. This is a person who has an abundance of love in his or her heart, just for us. This person is forgiving. He or she may get furious with us, for a self-destructive behavior that we might display. But there is no mistake we make, which makes this person abandon us and walk away. This person is the stream of love and acceptance that makes us believe that life is beautiful and that we are loved even in our darkest moments. This person is who I call a soulmate.

May I ask you for a minute of your time and ask you to look around and explore your relationships in your mind’s eye. Do you see a person like that? Is there someone in your life who fits that bill? Drop the bindings from your mind of who or how your soulmate should be like. Drop the compulsory clause that you might have unconsciously incorporated – that a soulmate ‘has to be’ someone you are romantically involved with. Just look around you and see/feel the people around you who have those qualities. I am very sure that you will find relationships that fit the bill perfectly…albeit they may not be romantic relationships. The pointer may point towards your mom, dad, sibling, child, a grandparent, a friend, a teacher or even a trusted caregiver.

Now spare a moment and see the relationships where you feel an abundance of love and forgiveness for someone. Look within yourself and find those relationships in your life. The ones that you will never abandon. However the other person might behave. Once again it could be your mom, dad, sibling, child, grandparent, friend, teacher or a trusted care giver. You are their true soul mate. Many a times there is an overlap where the feelings are reciprocated, making it a perfect soulmate relationship in a circle.

A sense of fulfillment and peace descends upon us when we see the intricate ‘soul-connections’ and understand the unbreakable bonds we share in relationships. It is all about awakening our inner senses and looking at bonds and mates with a renewed vision.


Wishing you a fabulous day ahead…filled with an abundance of Love & Peace



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