Dark night
Spiral through vortex
Heartbeats rise and fall

© Rachna

This is my novice attempt at ELFJE form of poetry. All I can say now, is that it is a lot of fun even though at the moment I am feeling a bit stuck within the technique. I am a person of words…here I need to be a person of fewer words 😉 Not an easy task for Moi !!! But FUN it sure is. My gratitude to Richard as I found this form of poetry on his blog at RichardAnkersWriter

On my part I researched a bit and practiced thereafter.

Wishing you a fabulous day ahead…filled with Lots of Love & an abundance of Peace

© Copyright 2014. Tranquil Space Limited. All Rights Reserved



9 thoughts on “Stillness

    1. I truly enjoyed it, Richard…and all that talk about ‘feeling stuck within the technique’…pffft !!! I got so many little (bonus) verses – purely because I was feeling stuck and kept on ‘trying’ to learn…kept writing…and now I am grinning looking at the at the word doc and the verses that got created 😀 Thank you once again 🙂


      1. ooooiiii…not just a good answer. A truly heartfelt one too 😀

        (as long as I do not start visualizing the bow walking thru…or hopping thru the stillness of the cosmos…for then there would be no stillness …there would be giggles and chuckles 😀 which wont be so bad either)


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