Its not easy being green…

We have all had days when it has not been easy being green different or being considered ‘different’. Being different or being considered different can be perceived as negative, if the person at the receiving end is unaware of how powerful ‘being different ‘ can be.

Each one of us is different. Barring the general number of internal organs and our external physical structure, we are all different. Our facial features, our skin colour, the iris of our eyes, our DNA, our cellular formation, our growth patterns…everything about us is different. Added to that, our thinking, our value system, our speech, our writing, our sense of style as well as our level of empathy, define us and make us into unique individuals.

Having said that, I would now love to add that element of ‘Gahhhh…why is she confusing us now’ ? 😉 (Well, because that’s how she rolls). So, here is the thing – We are different and yet we are all the same. Our emotions, our need to belong, our yearning for love, our fear of abandonment, our disgust of inhumane attitudes and our desire to stand out – all of this uncannily similar within each one of us.

We are very privileged to belong to this vast planet and thrive here as a unique species. We think, we feel, we cry, we laugh, we love, we hate, we hunger for experiences….Each one of us is a beautiful, breathing bundle of emotions and intellect….Each one different in our uniqueness and similar in our differences.

It is completely up to us to feel negated at being considered different or feel elated that we are considered different. At the end of the day each one of us makes that choice. We can choose to be unhappy about who we are or choose to be proud and thankful of who we are…for being different and being proud of being different is what constitutes who we REALLY are.


Wishing you a fabulous day ahead…filled with Lots of Love & an abundance of Peace

© Copyright 2014. Tranquil Space Limited. All Rights Reserved


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