A Miracle



Miracles just happen.

Miracles do not always happen in a snap.

Miracles do not always happen in the blink of an eye.

Miracles sometimes happen slowly & steadily over a period of time.

A miracle is the healing up of a body that has been suffering with dis-ease.

We need patience in abundance and a wide angled-panoramic vision to see the blossoming of a miracle.

A miracle is feeling life seep back in your weary body and soul, after a loss that had made you feel lifeless and forlorn.

Miracle is also the peace descending into a strife ridden soul and healing a relationship that you never thought could heal.

Miracles just happen.

Be open and ready to receive them, when they come into your life.

Accept them as they come…without expectations and without complains.

Most of all accept them with gratitude, without asking for more.

A miracle is for us to decipher – for it is always subjective.

©Rachna (Author)



Wishing you a fabulous day ahead…filled with Lots of Love & an Abundance of Peace.

© Copyright 2016. Tranquil Space Limited. All Rights Reserved

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