Random act of Kindness – Mridula Kaul ( Guest Blog 1 )

A beautiful blog post by Mridula Kaul, a dear friend and a fabulous human being – kind, gentle, funny, spontaneous & innovative. She thinks and feels from her heart and manages to convert those thoughts and feelings to beautiful words – I am very proud to add her writing to my blog. This will be a  short series with snippets of writing that Mridula has graciously agreed to share on my blog. 

Mridula, a versatile netizen, is a resident of UK. 


As I sailed through the sea of commuters gushing out of my train at Charing Cross, I noticed a young lady make a beeline for the nearest Costa and grab a hot beverage. Her stilettos clacketteering (I know there isn’t a word like that but indulge me if you would), she checked her smartphone and smiled (I could see her cheeks lifting up her lips, prompted presumably by interesting texts or funny comments on her FB pictures) and then rushed towards to the man who sells The Big Issue (the man who stands at the same spot outside the station, come rain, snow or shine) in a way that only a customer who is intent on buying something, would do. At this point, I would ordinarily have smiled at the man as I do every morning, and quickened my steps to get to the office. Today was different. The lady handed over her take-away coffee cup to the man, covering both his freezing hands with her gloved ones. ‘There you go, swee’haaa!!’ she said in her Saaf London accent, ‘thaw you might need thaa!!’ With that, she pecked him on his cheek, gave him a wink and clacketteered away, as he watched on stunned. Not many would have bought a copy of his Big Issue. But not one person would ever have bought him a coffee, of that I am certain. In the world we live in, full of cruelty and horror of unheard and unseen proportions, this small act of kindness suddenly restored my faith in humanity. But then, I’m easily pleased. I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face since.

-Mridula Kaul


Wishing you a fabulous day ahead…filled with Lots of Love & an Abundance of Peace.

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