Precious gifts made of Gold



Turning our backs on emotions, holding them in, not speaking about them, keeping them buried and then unloading them at the drop of a hat on an unsuspecting victim, is not only unfair, it also reveals the emotional growing-up that we need to do.

Emotions are not scary – not when they are ours…nor when they belong to others. Emotions are precious, priceless parameters that provide us with the obstacle course that helps our growth as a person. Learning to look at emotions as our friends instead of looking at them suspiciously or with fear, helps us learn to deal with emotions and express them with ease.

Of course, the process is not as easy as it is to read the above paragraphs.

A few things that one can do to become emotionally sturdier:

Identify your emotions

Become aware of your emotions

Find a chart that breaks down and points to the root-emotion.

Speak out your emotions

Write your emotions down

Observe emotions all around you

Understand the simple fact – YOU are a cluster of emotions

Love yourself – the emotion filled human form…traversing thru this life.


Author – Rachna


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