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Turning our backs on emotions, holding them in, not speaking about them, keeping them buried and then unloading them at the drop of a hat on an unsuspecting victim, is not only unfair, it also reveals the emotional growing-up that we need to do.

Emotions are not scary – not when they are ours…nor when they belong to others. Emotions are precious, priceless parameters that provide us with the obstacle course that helps our growth as a person. Learning to look at emotions as our friends instead of looking at them suspiciously or with fear, helps us learn to deal with emotions and express them with ease.

Of course, the process is not as easy as it is to read the above paragraphs.

A few things that one can do to become emotionally sturdier:

Identify your emotions

Become aware of your emotions

Find a chart that breaks down and points to the root-emotion.

Speak out your emotions

Write your emotions down

Observe emotions all around you

Understand the simple fact – YOU are a cluster of emotions

Love yourself – the emotion filled human form…traversing thru this life.


Author – Rachna


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Knowing When To Let Go


This wonderful person literally speaks for me … sometimes connecting beautifully with the frequency that my mind might be percolating at. Her wise words provide insights to many and soothe many hearts. I absolutely love her writing style and her words. Here is an update from this beautiful soul –  Oriah Mountain Dreamer.


Knowing When To Let Go

Sometimes, even when we make a choice that is good for us, good for our life, perhaps even good for others, there can still be loss and sadness.

Recently, I let go of someone, quietly stepped away from a friendship. I told the truth, told them I simply did not have the energy for what was happening between us, or would have to happen- need to be talked about, sorted out, resolved, agreed to- for the friendship to continue in a real and authentic way,

It was the right choice. I really don’t have the energy to bridge the chasm that had opened up around behaviour that was, to me, inexplicable. I don’t think the behaviour was intended to be hurtful. It was an expression of something that was probably true for the other on some level. Although it was directed at me, I don’t think it was really about me at all.

And I could be wrong about all of that. Maybe the behaviour made perfect sense, and maybe it was about me, I can’t really know for sure. But I did know that the distance it created would need to be bridged for continued connection.

One of the gifts of having had a chronic illness for many years is that I know how much energy things take and whether or not that energy is available to me in the present. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to heed this knowing, to accept when I cannot do something without consequences for my health and to the detriment of other areas of my life that feed my heart and soul.

But knowing when I can’t do something, knowing I need to step away, doesn’t mean I don’t feel the loss. I do.

When I was younger, to remove myself I had to make the other wrong, had to churn up anger and muddy my memories with reminders of real and imagined slights and hurts. Of course, the downside of not needing to do this, of simply knowing when it is time to step away even as I appreciate the places where we touched each other, shared laughter, offered support in the past.. . . . is that the loss is felt fully- an ache I meet with prayers for the other, hopes for their happiness and well-being.

Learning to let go when the time is right. Knowing what we really can and can’t do and accepting this. Being willing to take responsibility for our choices. Telling the truth. Not needing to make the other wrong. Feeling the loss, letting the sadness that arises keep the heart soft when the other comes to mind. Being willing to feel it all. Remembering that the future is unpredictable.

I am so grateful for the connection that was, and I feel blessed to have let go when the time was right.

Not easy. Not excruciating. Just life as a human being.

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer (c) 2014


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Wishing you a fabulous day ahead…filled with Lots of Love & an abundance of Peace


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